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faceBOOK’EM, Dano

February 10, 2009 2 comments

ARRRGGHH!!! I got pulled into facebook by my sweetie. Now I can’t stop. Is there a 12-Step program for this. Actually, it would be much worse if I had more friends. It is fun and I have sort of connected with some of my old friends. At least, I know they are out there somewhere.

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Day 38: Mac set free!

April 13, 2004 Leave a comment

Well, sort of. After 38 long days, I finally have Mac back. Not exactly Mac but a slightly younger cousin to Mac. Man… what a mess all of that was. If you have read what I wrote before you know that I handed my powerbook over to CompUSA to have them repair the screen. I had a warranty on the screen and it was kind of wigging out so I thought I would have them fix it.

I did have a warranty, after all. Well after about a month, this nice girl calls me and informs me that they (the repair center) is sending it back to the store unrepaired because I was sold the wrong warranty. Apparently, the guy at the checkout counter sold me the screen warranty add-on – the add-on to the comprehensive warranty that I did not purchase. I was not even offered the comprehensive plan (and wouldn’t have bought it anyway.) I was led to believe that the screen warranty was exactly what I needed. By this time, I had been sans laptop for over a month.

The service manager at the store said they would take care of me. Problem was… they couldn’t really figure out what to do. The store was going to have to either fix the screen (which they couldn’t) or replace the whole unit. They did replace the unit. I was hoping for a brand new current model powerbook. But what I got was okay. It was just exactly like my old powerbook except the processor is a bit faster. They had it a total of 38 days.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that few people seemed to know what was going on with it. I talked to about seven different people during the whole process and it was like it was the first time I had called. Overall, it was a comedy of errors (although there was nothing particularly comedic about it.) The guy sold me the wrong thing. The store said it was covered under warranty. The repair center said it was covered under warranty. The repair center damaged the replacement screen. They couldn’t get another one. Their Corporate office said the warranty was not correct. The General Manager of the store was out for the week. Some the service people had no idea what was going on. I guess it all worked out, though. I did learn two things. It is probably best to not by Apple merchandise from CompUSA. And never, never, never buy a warranty from CompUSA. It is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.

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