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Anybody wanna Conga?

January 29, 2008 Leave a comment

We have met so many people. There are over 200 people from FamilyLife here with us. People from Maine to Alaska to California to Florida. It is really good to meet others that are doing what we do.

The worship leader for the week is Dennis Jernigan. What a great heart for God that he has! I had heard of him from our friends, Steve and Amy. This is the first time I have ever heard him though. What a testimony he has. We bought a CD and he autographed it. We had lots of free time today. We went on a tour of the galley. That was pretty interesting considering how they feed 3000 people in about 5-6 hours. There are two main restaurants on either end of the ship. The galley, between them, stretched the entire length of the ship. It was pretty impressive. Check out the pictures. What? You don’t see any pictures? Well, we will have to take care of that.

We both fell off the deep end dietarily tonight. It wasn’t totally out fault. They offered Mexican Food. And I like me some Mexican food. The problem was that it was a midnight buffet. Yep! That’s right. I ate Mexican Food at midnight. They also had a Mardi Gras celebration on the Lido deck. And, you got it, it was offered with a spirited and festive tone. Well, actually, you know how Carnival is the “the Fun Ship”? Everyone down there was having fun, I guess. They were all hootin’ and hollerin, being riled up by the ship’s staff. I have never seen anything like it. They had everyone (no, not me and Rhonda) jumping up and down and forming a conga line that stretched around the Lido deck multiple times. It really was crazy.

That ended our day. What a day it was.

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Eating out vs. hot dogs

It is no mystery why my parents thought it was too expensive to eat out a lot. Because it was! And it even is more expensive now. Especially now that Trey is eating from the grown up menu. Wow…the Root’s were correct. Hot dogs are cheaper.

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