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faceBOOK’EM, Dano

February 10, 2009 2 comments

ARRRGGHH!!! I got pulled into facebook by my sweetie. Now I can’t stop. Is there a 12-Step program for this. Actually, it would be much worse if I had more friends. It is fun and I have sort of connected with some of my old friends. At least, I know they are out there somewhere.

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Bright Lights and Bright Futures

May 3, 2004 1 comment

I got my eyes checked this morning. The doctor said they were fine. I am a little bit near-sighted. He said that would come in handy because I wouldn’t have to use reading glasses later on. I hate getting my eyes checked. They shine that bright light in my eyes… I know how Gizmo felt. “Bright Light!!!” “Bright Light”!!!” I guess I am good for another year or two.

School is out in three weeks. It is inconceivable to me that Trey will be finished with 7th grade. It seems like he just started. Wow… does time fly or what? Noah is graduating from preschool. That is interesting to me. It is not even real school and they are making a huge deal about it. noahAs you can see, he looks all studious but don’t let that fool you. A closer look will reveal that he is graduating with a paper towel spindle. It took all year to earn it but he did it and, by golly, we are so proud. I wonder what he will have to strive for in kindergarten. Seriously, it is hard to think that he will be in kindergarten. Everyone is growing up. This year marks the start of what we will call the “Nephew Graduation Journey”. Actually, it kinda started two years ago with my nephew Josh, sort of, but now it gets rolling downhill and the next, oh, say 12 years we have eleven nephews (and one neice) graduating. Again, it just doesn’t seem possible.

I am stressing over a TV show, well, really two TV shows. They are on TechTV, which was purchased by Comcast. I don’t know if these shows are going to remain on or not. Don’t worry, I don’t actually lose sleep over this stuff but those shows have been a source of entertainment for me for about six years since TechTV launched in 1998. One is called Call For Help and the other is The Screen Savers. They are a guilty pleasure and satisfy my “geek” appetite so I don’t have to wear that awful pocket protector.

Speaking of Tech… I ranted about CompUSA a few weeks ago (a well deserved rant, if I must say) but now let me sing the praises of a different company. The company is PowerbookResQ. They are a division of MacResQ. This company has it right. Their customer service is unparalleled. I have had a SuperDrive (cd and dvd writer) upgrade and a hard drive upgrade from them. In both instances, they shipped a box on the day that I ordered it, I packed it and sent it back to them, they upgraded the stuff and then shipped it back. They use what they call three way overnight shipping. I sent it on Wednesday and got it back on Friday. That is awesome. It puts these local guys to shame. And you know what? It is not anymore expensive either. Especially when you consider the cost of not having your machine for two or three weeks. I recommend this company for anyone who needs Mac repairs (computers, laptops, iPods.)

I changed the site a bit. I was getting bored with the other colors. Also, I was watching Call For Help one day and this “web log expert” was talking about do’s and don’ts. He said the worst template anyone could ever use was “this one”. On flashed the familiar red, green, blue, and gold template that I had been using. I felt so lame. I didn’t know that was the “worst template you could ever use.” So I bowed to the pressure (although it took me nine months… okay, there really wasn’t that much pressure) and changed it. Let me know what you think!!

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Mac held hostage!!!! Day 23

March 29, 2004 Leave a comment

I knew it was bound to happen. I have always heard these horrific stories about tech support. Now I can say that I have experienced it myself. Some will say it is because it is a Mac. They are probably right. I would fix my own PC. Not take it to someone else to let them do it. But the screen on my laptop was not exactly right and I had this screen warranty for it that I purchased when I got it. “Do you want Apple Care?”, he asked. “No,” I replied. Then he talked me into the CompUSA screen warranty. Don’t get me wrong…they are replacing the screen on it for nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I think I paid $250 for the warranty (a new screen would cost much more than that!) But the problem is that they have had it for almost a month now.

Now, I don’t have any “mission critical” work to do on it but I do kind of miss Mac. It is true what you hear about Mac fans. They are somehow emotionally invested in their hardware. I got my first Mac in 1985 from a friend who bought it new when it first came out. I loved it then and with OS X, I love my Powerbook now. I still use both Mac and PC but for the past year have used the Mac almost exclusively. That is until now. Now I am typing on my PC wondering whether this blog client is going to mess up my blog, wondering how to notify you all that I have finally updated it, wondering what I am going to eat for supper… The truth is that Mac does all of those things beautifully for me. Well, all but the supper thing. He would probably even do that more elegantly than my PC.

I wonder if I had purchased Apple Care if it would have taken so long. Maybe that is the lesson here. Or maybe the lesson is to not buy a computer that you can’t fix yourself. Or maybe…the lesson to be learned is to not write something like this when you are hungry.

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Mac OS X Panther

August 28, 2003 Leave a comment

I am anxiously awaiting the upgrade to the awesome 10.2. I have said it before and I will say it again (probably continuously) that I have this need to buy new software. But this is really different. There are some great improvements from Apple in 10.3. I keep reading about it on Apple Insider and I just can’t hardly wait. I love OS X. I love my Mac.

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Test post from KungLog

August 26, 2003 Leave a comment

Just seeing if this will work. I really don’t want to have to log onto the Typepad website everytime I have something to say.

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Quicken 2004 and me…

August 14, 2003 Leave a comment

I am such a sucker for new stuff. I bet companies love people like me. If there is a new version of something I feel like I have to get it. It is a sickness. I wonder if there is a 12-step program for people with my problem. As for Quicken, it is pretty much the same as before except for some more investment stuff (that I don’t really use). So was it worth it? It does work with Safari now. That is big.

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