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Mourning for Megan


It is funny to me how attached we get to the personalities on television news. My grandmother used to love Walter Cronkite. He could do no wrong in her eyes. In college, I woke up every morning to Charley Gibson (pre-“Charles” back then) and Joan Lunden. My friends preferred the Today Show. The more you watch these guys the more they become a part of your life. And even though we have never met them they become part of our family. Am I alone in this?

I don’t watch network news anymore. Over that past years the networks have gotten so political and culturally biased that I do not trust anything that they tell me. It may all have an air of truth but they certainly spin it in a liberal manner. I don’t like it and I won’t watch it. (That includes the afore mentioned Charles Gibson.) We are thankful for our local Fox station which has become a part of our morning routine. Having a local morning show is great here in Dallas as they do the traffic often which greatly helps planning the morning commute. And that is where Tim and Megan come in. As the hosts of the morning show, they have become a part of our family. But now Megan is leaving to return to LA to be closer to her family. I am crushed. How can I be so attached to her? She travels a lot and when she has been gone it has been very disappointing to me. But all was not lost because I knew she would come back. But, alas, she will not come back this time.

They have not announced, to my knowledge, who will replace her – as if that were possible. But I guess that humans are fickle and will adapt when necessary. The same is likely true with me. Only time will tell.

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