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Will everyone just please calm down!!

Well, it’s done. As I looked around I saw everyone crying. Some were tears of elation that the first black president had been elected. Some were tears of frustration and regret from the losing side wondering what could have been done differently. And there was some anger. Trey was freaking out. “The whole country is doomed”, he said. (Being fair to him, it is the first election that he has cared anything about. Unfortunately, he was a few months shy of being eligible to vote.) Okay! Will everyone just calm down. Please! Just calm down and let’s take a look at what just happened.

Although, I didn’t vote for the President-elect, I do acknowledge the history of the outcome. It is significant and a great day for people of color everywhere. This is not to imply that any perceived (or real) inequity between our respective races has been achieved. Maybe that inequity has taken a giant step forward. Maybe not. From the looks of things, more racial tension may be the result. If you were watching anything on television, you might think that Jesus himself had returned. There were people talking about “a new dawn”. What is that supposed to mean? Oprah was hootin’ and hollerin’ on her show. ( I saw it on the news – no… I do not watch her dribble.) Then there was Martin Luther King Jr’s son saying that his father’s dream wouldn’t be realized until everyone has healthcare. Really? I don’t remember that in that speech. Is that equity? The government taking care of everyone? The media is just ecstatic that “their” guy won. This even though they are now admitting on air that they don’t really know that much about him. It is all kind of strange to me.

As for the Republican’s, I can’t say that I thought we had a great chance to begin with. I have written before about the choice of Senator McCain and the general malaise of the party faithful until Governnor Palin was added to the ticket. But even then, McCain seemed to be only half-hearted in his attempt to sway people’s hearts and minds to his way of thinking. Maybe he did the best he could as the slope of the hill worsened. It was clear from the beginning of the campaign that the media was against him after being in love with him during the primaries. In my opinion, his campaign was just not well ran. He came too late to the whole issue of the tax cut for 95% of people when only 60% or so people pay income taxes. He came too late to lots of issues like this. And what that campaign is now doing to Sarah Palin is unconscionable. In the bigger picture, the Republican party has some identity issues that need to taken care of before the next time around. Are we going to be the party of smaller government, less taxes, more individual responsibility or are we going to slide closer to the center? Is the country really moving to a center/left position? I don’t think so. I hope not. But only time will tell.

So there I was, this morning, as I was walking/jogging thinking about all of these things. I pray a lot when I walk in the mornings while listening to my tunes. I was reflecting on what the country would be like in a few years after the far-left leaning congress and, now, administration get some of their policies through.

The song on my iPod changed and a Ginny Owens song came on.

My thoughts? What will happen to our Supreme Court? What will happen to the economy after taxes go up? What will happen when the government takes over healthcare? What will happen regarding national security? So as these questions were bouncing around inside my head something interesting happened. God spoke to me…

It’s not your problem, God replied
And the rest is history

’Cause there’s a bigger picture you can’t see
You don’t have to change the world, just trust in Me
‘Cause I am your creator, I am working out my plan
And through
you Obama I will show them, I Am

So whatever happens, we can just calm down and be assured that none of this has caught God, the creator of everything, by surprise. He is working out his plan and this is obviously a part of it. I don’t know how. But just like the song says, I am going to trust in Him and just see what He does with all of this. Will you join me? The next few years are going to be interesting to say the least.

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  1. Rhonda Berry
    November 9, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Donny you hit the nail on the head about leaving it to God. Strangely, I awoke election morning feeling good about it all. I knew McCain’s chances were not that great but for whatever reason the Lord gave me peace as Austin and I went and voted. It was his first election and it mattered that he voted the way he thought was right. Yes, McCain. The outcome was not a shock, sadly.
    Chris sat with me watching the returns and said “They can’t vote God off the throne”. I thought about that as I watched Sen. McCain give a very classy and gracious concession speech and as I watched the new president-elect give his acceptance speech. My heart told me to just trust in the Lord, He is in control. Nothing that He doesn’t want done will happen over the next four years, and I suspect it will probably only be two years. There will be elections for all congressman and one-third of senators in two years and it is very possible that people aren’t going to like having one party in control, I really think our country thrives on controversy.
    I also know a little about history. By the August recess the new president won’t be the media darling anymore. That is just how it works. He will also get in there and find that things aren’t quite what they seem and he will have to adjust some of his promises. He won’t be able to fill all that he has suggested or promised because of what reality is, and what is to come. That is just how it is.
    But the most important thing is that this wouldn’t have happened if God didn’t want it to. He is still in control and will still be in control. When we woke up Wednesday morning this country made history. But, we also woke up the same people we were on Tuesday morning-with the same beliefs, the same opinions, the same thoughts. We are still Christians and still God’s people and no election can change that.
    I also heard Mark Davis on WBAP say something that really makes sense. He said “We had to have a Jimmy Carter to get a Ronald Reagan.” In other words, we had to have the worst to appreciate the best.
    It will be a rough ride, but in the end God will be the one to get the praise and glory from everything. He has it all under control and I am perfectly content to let Him work.

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