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Back in Galveston

After a long week on the high seas… well, not long enough really, we have returned to the states. What a trip we had! This ship and crew were great. Our first cruise was a rousing success. I am amazed at the order and efficiency of getting 3,000 people off of the ship. They really have it down. Rhonda and I have talked about bringing the boys on a cruise next time. Maybe to celebrate Trey’s graduation? It might take that long to save enough for it. Although, it isn’t as expensive as it might seem.

Rhonda and I really didn’t expect to go through this week and not gain any weight. We walked a mile at least once a day and most days were able to walk two miles on treadmills and the jogging track that wound around the smokestack. That doesn’t count all of the extraneous walking we did all over the ship and on excursions. We also used the stairs about 90% of the time. Even so, I gained 7 pounds and Rhonda gained 5 pounds. Hopefully, it will only take a week or so to get rid of it. And then, back to our weight loss goals.

Thanks to all who have shared this trip with us. We hope that we have warmed you up on some really chilly days with our posts and pictures. Oh, yeah… the pictures? Stay tuned.

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