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Oh Maya, it’s all in ruins!

We chose to go to Tulum during our stop in Cozumel. It was going to be a all-day trek but one that we heard was great. When the ship pulled into port off we were off to a nearby ferry which took us on a 45 minute ride to mainland Mexico. We arrived at Playa del Carmen, a beautiful coastal city which we would love to spend more time in sometime. From there we walked about a mile to board busses that would take us on the hour ride to the Mayan Ruins at Tulum.

It is really amazing how advanced the Mayans were. Whether it is the building and precise placement of temples that allowed for the proper acoustics to amplify the voice of the Grand Poobaa Head Priest to be heard by 60,000+ people or the fact that their calendar has been found to be more accurate than the one we use, it is just amazing. These people lived 3.000 years before Christ was born. Some consider them to be o ne of the lost tribes of Israel. Some consider them to be from another world. Yeah, ET was apparently here long before the movie. Who knows? Our guide was great. He told us his grandmothers were both full blood May an and he was very passionate about the tour. This was the only Mayan temple that was built on a beach. It was beautiful. It was just a great day.

Because of technical problems on the ship, we actually arrived at Cozumel an hour late. We were told that the tour would not be affected. I don’t guess it was. But we had to go straight from the busses back to the ferry back to the ship. No shopping in Cozumel for us. In fact, we didn’t even really see Cozumel. Just the pier. As it was, we arrived back at the ship 15 minutes after the posted time to shove off. They were waiting for us (about 250 people) and as soon as we were all aboard the door was closed and the familiar rumbling and vibrating starting indicating the ships engines had been engaged. Good thing we were with a Carnival excursion. We might still be in Cozumel. But we made it. And now we are on our way back home.

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