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Jamaica? No Problem, Mon!

We went on a tour in Jamaica to the Croydon Plantation. We chose this over Dunn’s River Falls because some of our friends were going there and a lot of people were going to the Falls. The falls are probably the biggest tourist attraction on the Island. We decided that we wanted to see the real Jamaica and so off to the plantation we went. The drive up there was about a hour on a very winding, steep road. We went through very exclusive parts of town and very poverty stricken parts of town. I had always heard that about Jamaica. Now I have seen it with my own eyes. It makes you realize how blessed we are. On the plantation we toured around and learned about coffee, pineapples, bananas, coconut, and some fruit that I have never heard of before. We were able to sample all of the above. The pineapples were my favorite. We tried 5 different varieties. Who knew? I love me some pineapple. Our guide taught us some “Jamaicanese”. It was a fun trip and our group had a lot of fun.

Later that night, at dinner, I finally got to eat what I had been waiting for. Beef Wellington. Ever since I had seen Hell’s Kitchen on TV I have wanted to try it. It was good and I was happy. I love me some Beef Wellington. Every night before the desert course the wait staff in the dining room perform for us. Tonight we were invited to participate in the ships longest conga line. Rhonda and I jumped at opportunity this time after not doing it the night before. It was fun and we all made fools of ourselves. We were able to sit with a nice couple from Oregon or Washington. I thought it was Spokane but Rhonda tells me they were from Portland. Wherever they were from we had a great time getting to know them. We are sitting with different people each night. Sometimes they are from our DFW group and, like last night, sometimes they aren’t. They are all here with the FamilyLife conference, though.

We had a group meeting tonight and forgot to make it back to the room to talk to the boys. We hated that because we miss them so. We will have to do better tomorrow.

Tomorrow we arrive in Grand Cayman. We are going to shop there and see what other kind of trouble we can get into. So stay tuned…

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