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A New Year Begins

August 31, 2007 Leave a comment

So here we are going into September and that could only mean one thing. School has started back and Flag Football is going strong. What a busy past few weeks we had. I know that is not uncommon but the weeks before the new school year are always somewhat hectic with the haircuts, shopping for supplies and clothes, getting geared up for football, getting geared for church activities. I guess this is the busiest time of year for us.

It is hard to believe that Trey is in 11th grade. He is driving Dayna’s Trooper (thanks, Dayna!) until we can get the yellow VW running. Yes, we still have it. People are amazed by that. But it is a classic now, I guess. Let’s see…. about 34 years old. I was not too smart and let it sit without starting it for a few years so it definitely needs some work. But, we are confident that it will make Trey an awesome little car and relatively cheap to drive. I think Trey is really going to be challenged this year in school. He had straight A’s last year. This year places him in several AP classes which I think are really going to stretch him.

Noah is in 3rd grade and really likes his teacher. She is new to his school and seems really nice. He wants to walk home and we have determined a route that keeps him off of the main road (it doesn’t have a sidewalk). He is going to do well again this year.


Noah is playing Flag Football once again. And what a difference a year makes. The boys we have this year are great. I am much more comfortable with coaching and everything seems to be going really well. I guess we will see just how well when our games start in a week or so. I love doing this.

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A flurry of emails…

August 3, 2007 1 comment

E-mails are flying now. Several of my high school friends are trying to organize a 25 year reunion for homecoming this year. A big thanks to my friend, Ruby. I wouldn’t know about any of it if she didn’t keep me in the loop. I didn’t go to my 20th reunion because I didn’t have a job. It seems kind of silly now that my pride kept me from attending. My friends told me what I had missed and sent me some pictures. They even sent one of “our group” with a bald balloon that had my name on it. Okay… I am not pointing fingers or naming names but I am not the baldest person of that group. If anything, I have gotten better (looking?) with age. There is certainly more of me to love. (Although, I am trying to remedy that.) If I am to go this year several obstacles have to be hurdled. I am coaching Noah’s flag football team again this year and I am almost certain that will conflict on Saturday. Also, the question of where to stay… where to lay my “not as bald as someone else’s” head for that weekend. Any takers?

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