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FBC Youth Camp – Vertical 2007

I just spent five days in the mountains of New Mexico with about 450 other people at the 2007 edition of youth camp. It was my “first” camp since I was a youth many years ago. Our church took about 200 people. There were three other churches that also brought about that many combined. Everyone stayed in 3-4 bedroom condos that slept about 10 people. The young men that I stayed with were great.

Although there were a few problems with schedules and food, camp was fantastic. The problems were addressed and soon things were running relatively smoothly. It was the first time that the four youth ministers had organized a camp as big as this and they were learning from their mistakes.

The theme of the camp was Vertical, emphasizing our vertical relationship with God. The first night the message was about how big God is. Our faith can only be as big as our perception of God. The next night, we learned that we can have freedom from the “iron chariots” that hold us down. That reference is from the story of Gideon when the tribe of Manasseh let the previous inhabitants back into the promised land with their iron chariots. A lot of kids talked with counselors about the struggles they were having in their lives. The third night was for those that had not yet made a decision for Christ. I think 7-10 kids made decisions that night. The last night, the kids were encouraged to take what they learned back with them. The camp speaker was great.

The worship was led by Forty Days, a great band from the Dallas area. They have led worship at a lot of FBC-Forney’s youth events. The music was loud, high energy, and awesome. These guys are now one of my favorites.

The kids were divided up into about 20 teams for recreation time each day. There were seven games to keep us entertained. We played volleyball and dodgeball with exercise balls and dodgeball with water soaked balls. We played Chicken Baseball and Ultimate Chicken which both required using a rubber chicken. I guess I provided some comic relief as I ran around throwing that floppy chicken. There were three other games, all of which were fun. I probably got more exercise last week than I have gotten in a year.

I had a great time at camp. I got to spend some quality time with Trey and his buddies. I think the thing that I came away with was how impressive some of these kids were. They really inspired me.

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Our family is complete.

Noah BaptismNoah was baptized this morning. He accepted Christ at VBS earlier in the summer. I was so proud of him. This will be a special day in our family. Trey was baptized on this day six years ago. I am not sure how it that worked out that way but it is kind of neat. Our family will be together for eternity. That is really awesome.

Now, I am off to youth camp. Please pray for me!

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Have you ever been powerless?

Most people have at some time in their life? At that moment, you have no control. So, in order to feel better about it (and gain the illusion of control), you pick up the phone and make that call knowing that you will likely have to be satisfied with a automated voice. Oh, the voice sounds very concerned and sincere. But, as you listen, you realize just how powerless you really are.

The boys and I experienced this last Thursday. I was in the office working on quartet stuff when suddenly everything except the computer stopped working: the lights, the AC, the game consoles the boys were playing on… Thankfully, it was not dark outside. Noah would have freaked. He likes his electricity. So, I picked up the phone and made the call.

Instead of the automated voice, a real human answered the phone. I was momentarily stunned but eventually told her that we were sitting in darkness and after she got my initial information, she asked if I had checked the breakers. Well, no! MY ENTIRE HOUSE IS DOWN! I knew it wasn’t the breakers and I didn’t have to check them to find out. But she insisted, so I marched to the garage armed with my flashlight and held the phone close to the breaker box as I flipped them off and back on. Still no power. This seemed to satisfy her and she filed the report and told me it should be repaired in 90 minutes.

Well, to condense this story some, after about 7 hours with no light, no AC, and no patience and six phone calls with automated voices and various humans from various nationalities, our power finally came back on. It seems that a telephone pole down the block was over grown with poison ivy so badly that it had infested the line and transformer. In fact, upon personal examination (you didn’t think that I would just take their word for it, did ya?) we discovered that it looked more like a tree than a telephone pole. Very strange.

So the next time you feel powerless when you are powerless just know that you are not alone. Go outside, life your fist into the air, and shout POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! We will be standing right there with you.

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