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Just when you think you have seen it all…

October 9, 2006 Leave a comment

…something comes along that blows your mind. Rhonda went to work last Wednesday only to find that she was on the wrong end of a “restructuring.” They were there – the human resources reaper and her supervisor – and they surprisingly, to her anyway, told her that her services were no longer needed. So after 10 years with Cousins, and 14 years in property management, she has been emancipated. It was certainly hurtful to her. As for me, I am not as bothered by the actual “restructuring” as I am about the way it was done. She had totally no clue that this was happening. And the HR reaper stayed with her as she gathered her things, as if she was going to steal some of those top secret documents and info that she keeps in her office. Just company policy, I guess, but it is always nice to be made to feel like a felon. Rhonda didn’t actually say that. When commenting about the way this was handled, Rhonda was told that these things are better handled quickly, like pulling off a band-aid. Now that is compassion for you.

Now it is time for my rant. Actually, I think Rhonda was a victim of self-absorbed top-level management who gave her too much to be responsible for with too little help. These guys/gals will tell you about how they did things a certain way earlier in their career and always make it sound like they always had things in control. They, apparently, were perfect as they marched up the ladder. (I had one of those guys at UA, too. Always had the answer but I think had forgotten what is was like to be on the front lines.) But that all sounds like sour grapes. I guess it is. Add to that a really nice salary and, of course, you are going to be the bulls-eye on the ole “restructuring” dart board.

She is receiving a severance package which we are grateful for. At least that is something. She hit the ground running and already has an interview lined up. She is sending out resumes like a wild monkey. Everything is going to be okay. Even so, we can use your prayers.

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