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Once I “went” but now I “gone”.

As I was bringing the boys home from school the other day I had a conversation with one of Trey’s friends that went something like this:

“… we should have went the other way,” he said.

I immediately corrected him. “We should have gone the other way.”

“I just said that,” he replied.

“No, you didn’t. You went when you should have gone.”

He said something like “It’s the same thing.”

Now, why is all of this important to anyone? Well, I used to went all the time myself. I don’t know why. I wasn’t a dumb guy – I even made A’s in English. I guess it is a small-town Texas thing. But it doesn’t affect everyone in Texas. I think most people in Sweetwater use went incorrectly. That’s where I learned to speak. But, apparently in Midland, just a couple hours west of my hometown, the kids are taught to speak correctly. Maybe in Roswell, NM, too. The thing is… it was never a big deal until I met my best friends from college. Now there was a pair. They were too smart, sometimes, for their own good. And the English major? Well she wasted no time at all re-learning me (that was for her, by the way! :))how to speak correctly. My continuous “went”ing must have driven her crazy. But, after several years of her constant nagging corrections I finally learned to gone instead of went. And now look at me! I am correcting others and am thankful for friends that took the time to turn this simple West Texas boy into something a little bit better.

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