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Back From Beirut

Our pastor and friends have finally returned from what turned out to be a very interesting trip to Beirut, Lebanon. As you may know, they started their mission trip there three days before Israel started bombing. The airport runways were bombed and they were trapped in Beirut. They did, however, continue their work and many lives, including their own, were changed. Our pastor was honored to preach at the largest Baptist church in Beirut (about 400-500 people were present) on the last Sunday that they were there. He has said that it was the most powerful thing he has ever experienced in his life. All during the time he was preaching, loud booms echoed throughout the area. Every time that happened the buildings would shake. He related that many people in America don’t come to church when it is raining outside. These faithful Lebanese people were worshipping when bombs were raining from the sky. That sounds incredible.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for our team. We are rejoicing over their safe return.

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