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Things I Am Thankful For

walk-in showers
over-sized coffee cups
hot, sunny summer days
cloudy days in the summer
starry nights
God’s mercy
flavored coffee
the Internet
indoor plumbing
God’s grace
living in America
christian music
happy boys
gentle breezes
prescription drugs
funny friends
meaningful marriage
the Bible
my pastor
thunder & lightning
smooth-writing pens
early morning light
conversations with friends
people who have made and will make sacrifices

Do you ever take time to think about what you are thankful for? Do you take it all for granted? Take a few moments to think about the things that you are thankful for. And then thank the Creator of all things.

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Pomp and Circumstance

Okay, now I feel bad about what I said about Noah’s graduation (even though it was mostly in jest). The big day arrived and it was actually kind of sweet. Click here if you want to “experience” a short bit of it yourself. All in all it was a great night. The staff of Noah’s Ark did a great job and worked hard to make it special. So, I was wrong to make light of it. I wasn’t expecting what actually brushed across my mind during the festivities. I thought about how it seemed only yesterday that he was born and I was holding him. Then my mind jumped to five years from now when Trey would be participating in a graduation ceremony. Those days are going to be here much sooner than I want.

There are, of course, many advantages of having a teenager around the house. Someone to wash the car, mow the lawn, take out the trash… I could go on. I think the special moments are those that show his special tender heart. I sing in the praise team at church and am blessed when I see Trey coming to the front to pray. I see that God is doing some work in Trey’s heart. We talk a lot. We act silly together. We pray together. Last night he told me that he admired me. I don’t know what to expect from the teenage years but I hope, I pray, that his heart remains tender. He is really a great young man. I am so proud of him.

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Mother’s Day Missive

Happy Mother’s Day.

The boys and I woke up early to make breakfast for Rhonda today. We managed to get it in there before she got out of bed and she enjoyed breakfast in bed. She opened cards that we had picked out and then chose from a list of stuff what she wanted for lunch. Then off we went to church.

The service this morning was particularly moving. We all found out about a member who had been killed the night before in a accident with a train. She was 38 years old and left a husband and two children (maybe three). It was just more sad than many people could take. In fact, this ladies husband came to church and sat right in front of us with one of the pillars of our church. I just thought what great strength he had to come to church following this great tragedy. I don’t know if I could do that but have since decided that that was the perfect place to be.

During the service, another mother who lost an eight or nine year old daughter to cancer gave a testimony of how brave that little girl was and how God gave the family grace and strength to get through it. I can’t imagine the pain and sorrow they went through. There was not a dry eye in the house. It seemed as if God sent her testimony on this day for the family that lost their mother.

The message was very inspirational also. It was titled “Good Words For Bad Days” from Deuteronomy 6:1-12 . Brother Jimmy told a story of a town that was at the base of some mountains. There were springs that ran from the mountains to the town. The keeper of the springs spent every day finding the springs and cleaning all the leaves and debris out of them so that the water that flowed into the town was sparkling and clear. The town was enjoying the clear springs and the prosperity from them and decided that it no longer needed to spend money for someone to keep the spring. The springs continued to flow and over time the water became muddied and scummy. When we get to the place where we no longer need God (prosperity – good money, good jobs, all the toys ) and we “fire the keeper of the springs” then our spring gets muddied. When it is okay to have preachers that have announced that they are lesbian or gay and it’s okay with the church that they continue to preach, our springs are muddied. When we allow people to lead us to believe that we are born with homosexuality tendencies and it’s okay to act on them, that’s muddy. We are born of the flesh and born with the tendency to sin. Sin is sin in God’s eyes. We may be born with the tendency to steal so let’s legalize theft…how is that different than the sin of homosexuality? Our springs are mud and stench!!! On this Mother’s Day let’s rehire the keeper of the springs. Let’s pray that parents are modeling right behavior and choices for the next generation so they don’t make the mistake of firing the keeper of the springs. Let’s pray for spiritual awakening in our land before our springs are too muddy to clean up. Let’s pray for bold leaders in our homes, in our communities, in our states and in our nation that will not allow Satan to convince us that sin is no longer sin and it’s okay to do what feels good and it’s okay to be politically correct instead of spiritually correct. We must be Consistent (in our walk with Christ), Convicted (know what is right and wrong), Conversing (be positive about the church and life and most certainly about our Lord) and Concerned (love your family with the love of God).

So, this has been for us a very meaningful Mother’s Day. A day to reflect on what we have, how blessed we are, and the fragility of life. It is a day to tell our mom’s, our wives, our sisters, the women in our lives that we love them. We just don’t know how many more chances we will get. It is a day to rehire the keeper of the springs to bring clarity and purity to our springs..

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Bright Lights and Bright Futures

May 3, 2004 1 comment

I got my eyes checked this morning. The doctor said they were fine. I am a little bit near-sighted. He said that would come in handy because I wouldn’t have to use reading glasses later on. I hate getting my eyes checked. They shine that bright light in my eyes… I know how Gizmo felt. “Bright Light!!!” “Bright Light”!!!” I guess I am good for another year or two.

School is out in three weeks. It is inconceivable to me that Trey will be finished with 7th grade. It seems like he just started. Wow… does time fly or what? Noah is graduating from preschool. That is interesting to me. It is not even real school and they are making a huge deal about it. noahAs you can see, he looks all studious but don’t let that fool you. A closer look will reveal that he is graduating with a paper towel spindle. It took all year to earn it but he did it and, by golly, we are so proud. I wonder what he will have to strive for in kindergarten. Seriously, it is hard to think that he will be in kindergarten. Everyone is growing up. This year marks the start of what we will call the “Nephew Graduation Journey”. Actually, it kinda started two years ago with my nephew Josh, sort of, but now it gets rolling downhill and the next, oh, say 12 years we have eleven nephews (and one neice) graduating. Again, it just doesn’t seem possible.

I am stressing over a TV show, well, really two TV shows. They are on TechTV, which was purchased by Comcast. I don’t know if these shows are going to remain on or not. Don’t worry, I don’t actually lose sleep over this stuff but those shows have been a source of entertainment for me for about six years since TechTV launched in 1998. One is called Call For Help and the other is The Screen Savers. They are a guilty pleasure and satisfy my “geek” appetite so I don’t have to wear that awful pocket protector.

Speaking of Tech… I ranted about CompUSA a few weeks ago (a well deserved rant, if I must say) but now let me sing the praises of a different company. The company is PowerbookResQ. They are a division of MacResQ. This company has it right. Their customer service is unparalleled. I have had a SuperDrive (cd and dvd writer) upgrade and a hard drive upgrade from them. In both instances, they shipped a box on the day that I ordered it, I packed it and sent it back to them, they upgraded the stuff and then shipped it back. They use what they call three way overnight shipping. I sent it on Wednesday and got it back on Friday. That is awesome. It puts these local guys to shame. And you know what? It is not anymore expensive either. Especially when you consider the cost of not having your machine for two or three weeks. I recommend this company for anyone who needs Mac repairs (computers, laptops, iPods.)

I changed the site a bit. I was getting bored with the other colors. Also, I was watching Call For Help one day and this “web log expert” was talking about do’s and don’ts. He said the worst template anyone could ever use was “this one”. On flashed the familiar red, green, blue, and gold template that I had been using. I felt so lame. I didn’t know that was the “worst template you could ever use.” So I bowed to the pressure (although it took me nine months… okay, there really wasn’t that much pressure) and changed it. Let me know what you think!!

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