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Mac held hostage!!!! Day 23

March 29, 2004 Leave a comment

I knew it was bound to happen. I have always heard these horrific stories about tech support. Now I can say that I have experienced it myself. Some will say it is because it is a Mac. They are probably right. I would fix my own PC. Not take it to someone else to let them do it. But the screen on my laptop was not exactly right and I had this screen warranty for it that I purchased when I got it. “Do you want Apple Care?”, he asked. “No,” I replied. Then he talked me into the CompUSA screen warranty. Don’t get me wrong…they are replacing the screen on it for nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I think I paid $250 for the warranty (a new screen would cost much more than that!) But the problem is that they have had it for almost a month now.

Now, I don’t have any “mission critical” work to do on it but I do kind of miss Mac. It is true what you hear about Mac fans. They are somehow emotionally invested in their hardware. I got my first Mac in 1985 from a friend who bought it new when it first came out. I loved it then and with OS X, I love my Powerbook now. I still use both Mac and PC but for the past year have used the Mac almost exclusively. That is until now. Now I am typing on my PC wondering whether this blog client is going to mess up my blog, wondering how to notify you all that I have finally updated it, wondering what I am going to eat for supper… The truth is that Mac does all of those things beautifully for me. Well, all but the supper thing. He would probably even do that more elegantly than my PC.

I wonder if I had purchased Apple Care if it would have taken so long. Maybe that is the lesson here. Or maybe the lesson is to not buy a computer that you can’t fix yourself. Or maybe…the lesson to be learned is to not write something like this when you are hungry.

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