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Watercolor ponies and class upgrade

February 20, 2004 Leave a comment

I was looking for a birthday card for Trey the other day and got all sentimental. I am like my Dad in that respect. He was always sentimental about things. I just started thinking of how the last 13 years have flown by. It is kind of bittersweet. I want Trey to grow and mature into a great young man but on the other hand, I do not want to see, as the song says “the watercolor ponies ride away (If you don’t what I am talking about it is a song by Wayne Watson that talks about his kids growing up and their displayed artwork that hung on the refrigerator. That song is a real tearjerker for a sentimental guy like me). I suppose it is inevitable. I hope Rhonda and I are doing a sufficient job in “training him up in the ways he should go.” It is such a tough world to grow up in. So, I am not entirely ready to have a teenager. That makes me feel old somehow. Gosh, imagine how I will feel in 8 years when Noah turns 13.

Speaking of Noah… when he was discharged from the hospital the doctor prescribed a nebulizer which we summarily purchased. We sent the receipt to our insurance who turned it down. They said he didn’t need it. Well, he did for a couple of times after we got home. I just don’t understand insurance companies. I mean, I do understand they are in it to make money. But I don’t know why they won’t pay for an $120 nebulizer considering that we pay them over $3000 a year and don’t claim anything near that much. I guess the other side of the coin is, as Rush Limbaugh says, that everyone expects the insurance companies to pay for everything. That, of course, is on the “slippery slope” to nationalized healthcare. I don’t know about that but I do know that insurance premiums continue to go up and the coverage seems to be less and less. It makes me crazy.

We found out a couple of weeks ago that Forney is moving up into Class 4A for football and basketball next year. We all thought that out last best chance to win state was this year. We didn’t win state. Now we are in a district with Highland Park, Wylie, (both of which continuously are first and second in the district), Mesquite Poteet, West Mesquite, and Terrell. This is a tough district. Forney has been a 3A powerhouse in the state for a long time. Now we are one of the smallest schools in 4A. Our enrollment is only 30 or 40 over the lower limit (900) for 4A. So this will be a challenge for our guys. There are discussions of the need for a second high school in the next few years. That started a firestorm of controversy. Some people want a large 5A school and others think two 3A schools will be best. I really don’t care. The only thing is this town is growing so fast and quickly becoming a traffic problem. In any case, football will be interesting next year.

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I Thought I Had Seen It All

February 2, 2004 Leave a comment

Oh wait, I did see it all. My first reaction was to ask Rhonda, “Did I just see what I thought I saw?” The next thing I did was a mistake. I hit the rewind button on my TIVO to confirm that, yes, I did just see what I thought I had seen. Was I shocked? Yes. Am I surprised? No. The NFL stated that MTV would not produce another half-time show. What did they expect was going to happen? MTV has never been known for family entertainment. I guess the question is if the Superbowl is family entertainment. The next question: Was it intentional? Of course it was. I don’t think JT can seriously say that it was unintentional after the rest of the gyrations and thrusts throughout the rest of that performance. Anyway, the rest of the half-time show wasn’t any better.

And then there are the commercials. I thought that, as a whole, they were kind of lame. Only a couple really made me laugh and I can’t really remember what product they were pitching. So that was not that great. Although the game started slowly…very , very, slowly, it got better. But even at that there was only about 18 minutes of great football.

In my mind, it all comes back to the end of the half-time show. Which is why it happened in my estimation. It is interesting to me that my pastor preached a message earlier that day about how the culture we live in is trying to drag us all down. It (the culture) is after the minds and hearts of our children and young people. I believe that is true and this was a great illustration of that. The whole half-time show was aimed at a young demographic. I certainly wasn’t that interested in any of the entertainment(?) and couldn’t even understand what they were lip-syncing most of the time.