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It’s All About the Christ Child

I was sitting here today staring off into the Christmas tree and contemplating the birth of Jesus. I thought about the star, Mary, Joseph, and the humble manger that Jesus rested in. I thought about the great miracle that God performed. I thought about Mary. And then I wondered about Joseph. The following came from that:


Donny: Hello Joe, how’s it going with you?

Joseph: I am fine. Please call me Joseph.

Donny: Okay. I am sorry. So your story is quite amazing.

Joseph: Well, it’s all about the Christ child. But, yes, it is amazing. Mary and I have been blessed beyond measure. What a trip it was!

Donny: I cannot imagine how it must have been to realize that Mary was pregnant with God’s son.

Joseph: It was difficult at first. I didn’t know what to do and thought that I was going to have to make a very hard decision. But then the angel appeared and changed my life. I mean to say, it certainly turned my head.

Donny: How could you deal with all of that?

Joseph: It wasn’t hard to trust God with the fact that Mary was pregnant. The hardest thing was coming to terms with my abilities to raise a king… the very son of God, no less. I was just a simple carpenter. What did I know about divine fathering?

Donny: You must have done a good job. God must have been pleased.

Joseph: Well, Jesus was a great boy. He was perfect, you know. He knew no sin. So I guess in the greater picture it wasn’t that hard. There was the time when Mary and I lost him. We could not find him anywhere. That was a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, we knew that he was God’s son. You can’t have a better protector than God. But, on the other hand, God gave him to us to raise and we did not take that lightly. We did finally find him preaching in the temple. Can you believe that? A twelve-year-old boy preaching in the temple. It made us proud. We did have good times together. Much like any other father and son.

Donny: How much of God’s plan did you know about?

Joseph: Well, anyone who loved God knew the prophecy. We both knew what his destiny was. I mean, the whole reason he came to us was to be among us. It’s kind of funny, you know? The King of Kings born into a very simple family in a very simple way. He had the most humble of births but had the highest purpose anyone could ever have. To save the world.

Donny: It must have been hard to let him go?

Joseph: Well, naturally, Mary took it real hard. Even though he would return in three days it was hard to let him go. Just seeing him up on that cross was agony. But in the end we were only separated from him for a short time. So that worked out great.

Donny: It’s a great story and you, my friend, are a great guy. You were, no doubt about it, a great father. Thanks for taking time for this.

Joseph: My pleasure.


Joseph inspires me in many ways. He loved Mary unconditionally, trusted God totally, and gave of himself in a way that no other father can imagine. I think of all of the pressures that come with parenting; how much more did he likely have? But God would not have it any other way. His plan was perfect. My Christmas wish and prayer for all of you is that this year the real reason for Christmas did not get pushed aside in all of the hustle and bustle that this holiday has become. Because Joseph was absolutely right. It is about the Christ child. It was then and it is now. The wise men sought Him then and wise men still seek Him.

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