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The first week in November.

November 3, 2003 Leave a comment

The first week of November is always special and fun for me. With my birthday and then (and more importantly) my anniversary, this week always causes me to reflect over the past. It’s hard to believe that I am 39 years old. That really used to sound sooooo old. It is funny how our perspective changes. I find myself thinking that my parents were this age when I was 3-4 (about Noah’s age). They seemed so old or grown up. Funny, I don’t feel all that grown up. I am still making mistakes and learning from them. I wonder sometimes if Trey and Noah see me the same way I saw my parents. They weren’t perfect but at the time I saw them as fixers of my toys, menders of my hurts, solvers of all things problematic. That kind of makes them seem, well, if not perfect, then certainly something much, much more than adequate. Do my boys see me and Rhonda in those terms? Do they know how much we screw up? I guess not. I hope not.

As for my anniversary, it has a been a great blessing to have Rhonda with me (and love me) for the last 16 years. They have really flown by. I am still learning how to love her in the way that she deserves to be loved. As the song says, “My love for her is like a drop in the ocean compared to God’s love for her.” I want to love her like God loves her. That is the love that she deserves from me. It is cool to think that someday I will have the capacity to love her that way. It’s been fun through the years kidding her about stuff like her first grey hairs (now I am being repaid for that one – yes, I still have enough hair to have some grey ones). But that is the fun of it. She is really getting more beautiful as time goes by. And I find that I love her more and more as each day goes by. She really completes me (to borrow a line from a movie.) But enough mushy stuff. You can’t blame me though. It is the first week in November.

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