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Results, Relearning, and Rekindling

I went back to the doctor to give him some more blood. He called me a couple of days later and told me that my triglycerides were really high (over 500) but that my total cholesterol was 202. He said that 200 was considered normal so, all in all, he was pleased. He did say that he wants to treat the triglyceride problem but since the numbers for my liver functions are still elevated (and the drugs would probably elevate it more) he wanted to take a look at that first. He mentioned that I might get a sonagram but probably a CT scan to see what is going on in there. So that may be in my future in the next few weeks. Actually, I am really surprised that my cholesterol was that low. I was expecting it to be much higher. Then would come the endless birrage of helpful suggestions from Rhonda (notice I didn’t say nagging) to eat all those foods that don’t taste good.

Wouldn’t you know it! I finally get my solo down for the Christmas thing at church and they go and change the words to it. It is coming along. I am so glad I didn’t get a speaking part. I don’t think I could have handled that. We have a blocking rehearsal on Saturday but I am not going. Rhonda and I have plans to attend the new Family Life marriage conference on Saturday. It is called Rekindling the Romance. Life sure has a way of sucking the wind out of people. We are so busy or tired. We live for our kids and don’t hardly spend any time with just each other. So we are both looking forward to focusing on each other for a while, albeit a short while. The icing on the cake – Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife will be there to entertain. He is my all-time favorite artist. His music is awesome.

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