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I Was Stoned…

Just a little warning up front. This may get into “Too Much Information” for some people but I will tell it like it is. Read at your own caution.


So there I was on Saturday after lunch cleaning the lunch and breakfast dishes. Just minding my own business. Okay I got the urge to use the bathroom and stopped what I was doing as we all will. After I was finished tinkling I got this horrible pain in my right lower abdomen and lower back. Well, I thought “must be gas” so I did what one might do upon thinking he/she had gas. Trouble was…when I sat down that pain got even worse. Okay, all I could think about then was to do something else…anything else. So I went and laid on the bed. No….not working. By this time it was really bad. I could hardly walk. So I did the only thing I could do…call Rhonda and let her figure out what to do. Ultimately, I saved her a decision and proclaimed that I needed to go to the hospital. I thought my appendix must be enflamed or bursting or something. So we drove the 12 miles to the hospital and I had to sit and wait what seemed like an hour before they got me in. I was like – please – can we do this paperwork stuff later. So they take blood and bring me a container to pee in. I had just used the restroom (and in my mind that had started all of this) so why would I want to do this again? The nurse said “we can always go and get it.” Well, naturally, that is not what I had in mind either so I told her to give me a minute or two. She also hooked up this IV that was shooting saline. They gave me a pain killer through the IV and sent me to Xray.


The doctor came in and said that I had blood in my urine (told ya it might be too much info) and that my platelets were low. He said he didn’t see any stones in the xray that maybe I had passed it. He wanted me to see my regular doctor on Monday and gave me pain pills if it happened again. I went home and felt relatively okay the rest of the night. Then the next morning came. Yeeeeooowwwwwwwch! It started again. I was pretty much useless all day. We even drove to Terrell again although we didn’t actually go into the hospital this time. Seems that driving over there made it better somehow. We got home and it started up again. Of course, through all of this I am drinking a lot of water. I bet I have drunk three gallons in the past three days. That is a lot one gulp at a time.


So Monday morning I woke up and felt really pretty good. Throughout the morning I had two small twinges but nothing more than that. So I went to the doctor where he took more blood and another sample of my pee-pee (as Noah would say.) There was still blood in it and I will get the results from my other lab work tomorrow. But the doctor told me that he suspected that I had not passed it yet and if that was so, the worse was yet to come. Then an amusing? story about how one of his roommates passed out when he passed a kidney stone. Well, that makes me so look forward to that. So that is where I am. Wish I had a dime for every time I have heard, “When you pass it you will know it!” I will write further when I know something more or after I come to from passing out.

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